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Maria teh Hedgehog Maria teh Hedgehog

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I'm always up for a new Sonic story, but the recent animefication overcomplicated the story enough. When I was trying to read your text, I found myself struggling to read it, digest it and read the next bit. It's a tad too quick.

Also found it a bit hard to tell what you drew and what was (dodgilly) photoshopped in.

Nice work for now, but try and be a bit more original (and less confusing) next time. @_@;;


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fucking. WOW.

BRILLIANT combination of animation and film work there sir!

I was actually planning out to do something very similar, but it would be a gunfight between my character and my hyooman self. xD

Yours has a great Amnetyville HorrorShow feel to it which kept me laughing all the way through. Great dark ending too. Muahahahaaa.

10/10 from me. Best thing I've seen on NG so far. ^^


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Demise of a Match Demise of a Match

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Flamin' Heck!

Awesome stuff Chops. xD

Not a big fan of borrowed sound effects, but when they're used with great timing and sync as they are here, I love them. Animation was fantastic and flowing, as is your flash style in general. Trying to be critical here, but I can't find many faults.

All in all, a nice, swift, brutal cartoon. 10/10 from me. :3

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Wonchop responds:


The Ninja part 1 The Ninja part 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


You have a definite talent brewing there, (especially if you told the truth about your age. ;) ) Considering this was all hand drawn and didn't make the use of grouped objects (which I find can look very blocky in early flash animations), I think you did a very good job.

Keep up the good work, my hat goes off to you ... if I had a hat. ^^


Captain Sarcasm 1.1 Captain Sarcasm 1.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nothing too in-yer-face or brutal, which I like. The animation was pretty decent too. ^^

Only major crits is that I couldn't really hear what was being said a lot of the time. The subtitles did help, but they did take my concentration off the main action happening onscreen.

Also, try getting yourself some more original characters. Kirby, yosh and pichu among other Nintendoids generally make good cameo parts, but try and make yourself some more characters for goodguys and badguys.

Decent flashwork sah! *salute*

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sw00t-team responds:

Yeah, the animator got better at animating over the summer. XD

We'll make the voice a lot more clearer in the future (well, we'll try ;)), so people can be less dependent on the subtitles.

And yeah, we're gonna make our own characters too, but including some Nintendo characters is fun too, y'know. :) This part was just an introduction after all.

Thanks for watching and reviewing! ^_^

PS: I blame the animator XD :P
Let's just hope he doesn't stab me now...